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a thorn in my side.

so i've decided that one of the worst feelings ever -ever- is feeling left out by people that you care about. it doesn't really matter if said cared for person meant for you to feel that way, it still happens and is really horrible. not only is there the feeling of being left out, but then comes the worrying, and confusion, and the overall feeling of unimportance. and then you feel weak, which in most cases makes you mad at yourself and then makes you mad at the other party and then makes you say things you really don't mean to say. so, to reiterate, feeling left out is one of the worst feelings ever.

i'm not sure where i was trying to go with this.

my whole way home i had a journal entry already started in my head, and i've decided that this will suffice because the planned one was really just a big pity party.

and i'm no fucking whiner.
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